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CFAR proposed Neighborhood Home Rule to the city commission in July.

Neighborhood Home Rule (aka Single Member District) changes how we vote.

Home Rule helps elect commissioners who are ACCOUNTABLE to WP neighborhoods.

NHR is being debated at City Hall NOW. Help us make it happen!

CFAR is working to give EVERY neighborhood a stronger voice on the Winter Park City Commission.

CFAR volunteers are Standing Up & Speaking Out NOW — at City Hall and throughout Winter Park.

Click here to VOLUNTEER to help us push for common sense reforms that serve the best interests of Winter Park’s families.

It’s time for more accountability at City Hall — and a stronger commitment to improving the Quality of Life of everyday citizens.

Most people support fair voting. Do you?

HELP US advocate for Neighborhood Home Rule/Single Member District voting.

We can make fair voting a reality in Winter Park for the first time since its founding.

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What is Neighborhood Home Rule?

Neighborhood Home Rule (NHR) divides the city into several voting districts.

This system amplifies the voting power of local neighborhoods because a district commissioner is elected only by the citizens living in each district.

Many cities vote this way — including Orlando.

NHR is also known as “Single Member District” voting.

Winter Park currently votes “At-Large” — a system that suppresses voter representation. It’s a key reason we have been unable to elect an African-American to office since 1893.

Neighborhood Home Rule = Better Representation

NHR/Single-Member District (SMD) voting is well-established in Florida.

Many years ago, Florida’s Attorney General advised a Florida city commission to consider the value of SMD:

“Given the tendency of at-large electoral schemes to unconstitutionally minimize the vote of racial or political elements of the population, and […] make legislative representatives more remote from their constituents,” the Supreme Court of the United States has expressed a preference for single-member district plans [because] “… at-large plans tend to impair fair representation and impede access to the political process.”

JOIN US in supporting a fair vote that empowers all of us – including the West Side, which could have its first real chance in 127 years to elect a person of color to the commission.




Barbara Chandler runs for City Commission to be Winter Park’s first African-American elected to office in 126 years. Barbara’s core issue is “Families Come First.”


Mary Daniels, Westside community leader, stands with citizens opposing Westside gentrification.


Mary Howard runs for City Commission. Ms. Howard was the last African-American to run prior to Ms. Chandler.


CFAR is powered by everyday citizens. Your support matters!

Help us focus city hall on its top priority: Protecting the Quality of Life of WP families.

Inquiries should be directed to Click HERE to contact CFAR.

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