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CFAR proposed Neighborhood Home Rule to the city commission in July.

Neighborhood Home Rule (aka Single Member District) changes how we vote.

Home Rule helps elect commissioners who are ACCOUNTABLE to WP neighborhoods.

NHR is being debated at City Hall NOW. Help us make it happen!

CFAR is working to give EVERY neighborhood a stronger voice on the Winter Park City Commission.

See CFAR’s proposed Neighborhood Home Rule/Single Member District amendment below.

CFAR volunteers are Standing Up & Speaking Out NOW — at City Hall and throughout Winter Park.

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The text shown below is part of the Single Member District Charter Amendment submitted to WP City Commissioners by Barbara Chandler, founder of CFAR, in July, 2020.

Whereas, Single Member District voting (Neighborhood Home Rule) gives Winter Park’s citizens more local control of city government than At-Large voting, and

Whereas, Single Member District voting empowers citizens in each voting precinct/district to elect their own Commissioner, and

Whereas, when Commissioners represent individual districts ALL Winter Park citizens receive better representation (neighborhood by neighborhood) because each Commissioner is more sensitive to neighborhood issues and more accountable to neighborhood citizens, and

Whereas, At-Large voting has been determined in numerous Court orders and US Dept. of Justice rulings to disenfranchise and/or disadvantage minority voters, and

Whereas, US courts and DOJ look to historic voting results for evidence of disenfranchisement, whether or not such discrimination is the explicit intention of At-Large voting, and

Whereas, At-Large voting in the City of Winter Park has effectively diluted the votes of African-American and minority voters for over 100 years, resulting in no election of an African-American to city office since 1893 and

Whereas, At-Large voting has also diluted the votes and harmed the interests of Winter Park citizens in neighborhoods throughout the city, resulting in uneven allocation of city resources, inadequate regulatory oversight and denial of other benefits of citizenship.


A charter amendment modifying Winter Park’s At-Large voting system to include Single Member District voting which will increase the size of the city commission to include a total of seven (7) members, one of whom shall have the title of ”Mayor”; one of whom shall have the title of ”Vice Mayor”; the remaining five of whom shall be known and designated as “City Commissioners.”

The five City Commissioners shall be elected by Single Member Districts. Citizens who reside in each Single Member District shall elect a single Commissioner to represent their district. The Mayor and Vice Mayor shall be elected At-Large by all registered voters in the city.

There shall be five Single Member Districts. The boundaries of each Single Member District shall be identical to the boundaries of each of the city’s five voting precincts.

The Commissioners, Vice Mayor and Mayor shall hold office in the manner hereinafter provided and shall constitute the governing body and authority of the city, with all the powers and privileges herein granted and provided.

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